Dating at the Movies: A Guide

Thinking about going on a movie date? It is one of the most cliche dating ideas of all time, the default plan for when you have nothing else to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a movie date has to be bad though, it just means that you have to be unique about it. Luckily for you, we’ve written a guide on how to do just that – make your movie dates fun, interesting and successful!


The last thing that you want on a date is to appear as ingenuine and dull. Consequently, a basic movie and dinner date doesn’t always cut it, which is why you should try to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to add your own personalisation to the date (eg. if you are a sports fan, try asking her out to a theater in a sports venue.) since it would make you most comfortable, and help you “perform” the best. That being said, here are some general pointers for exciting movie dates:


Offer to pay for the date. 

Last, but not least, do the honors and don’t forget to offer to pay for the date. This is especially true if you are the male on the date, as it is traditional for you to pay for the date. Not doing so may make you seem less masculine or capable, which you should try to avoid. If you are the female on the date, use your judgement on whether or not you should offer to pay for the date. While some guys would be happy about it, it can also be seen as a challenge to one’s capability, so exercise your best judgement in this case.


Do something other than the movie.

Movies are fun, but it can get repetitive after a while, especially if the person you’re going on a date with has a history of movie dates. Moreover movies aren’t necessarily the most interactive or intimate option for a date, so it is usually a good idea to include something else so that it does not just feel like a “standard” date. Thus, it would be wise to try to do more than just a movie, but rather also incorporate another activity in the date. This is an opportunity to increase intimacy and add personalisation to the date.


Some ideas include:

  • Going to a theme park.  The local theme park is usually full of interesting activities and events which can be easy to bond over. We suggest that you do this before the movie date, since you will likely be exhausted after a movie. 

  • Attending a festival. A lot like going to a theme park, but is suited towards more artistically inclined people. Going to a music or art convention can be a great way to show that you’ve done your research, but can be boring for others, so exercise caution. 

  • Going to a gaming convention. Some people are gamers, and that’s where going to a gaming convention would be cool. You should make sure that both of you enjoy playing games, otherwise it might turn out awkward. This can be done before or after the movie. 

  • Meeting at a sporting convention. If either of you are sports fans, going to watch a sports game can be a great idea, as this can build hype very quickly. This might not always be the best idea though, since watching a sports game can be similar to watching a movie.


Provide good food.

“The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach” is often true no matter what situation. If you plan on going for food later, make sure that you don’t cheap out and do your research beforehand. Not everyone likes a fancy five star restaurant or dinner on the patio, so this is where you have to make your decision based off of your research on your partner. Does he/she like high style? Probably a five star restaurant, if you can afford it, of course. Do they seem carefree? Maybe a country steakhouse or even a fast food joint. Exercise your judgement here. 


In the theater, it is often a good idea to buy snacks before going into the movie. It can sometimes be difficult to tell what snacks people like, but popcorn and slushies are standard when going on a movie date. There are instances, however, where you should better suit the snacks to the person (eg. if they are really into fitness, it might be wiser to buy something healthier, such as a veggie bar).


Prepare for the Date.

Like all other dates, it is usually a good idea to prepare for the date. Do your research on the person you’re going out with and figure out their interests. Most guys/girls won’t even bother doing this on any level, so even surface level research is good, and shows interest. Don’t come off as all knowing though, as this can be creepy. Prior research can help you decide what extra activities to do, which restaurants to go to and what to say. 


Dress for the occasion. 

Most movie theaters are properly cooled/heated, so you should come in with whatever you are comfortable with. Usually, this means a casual style: sweater and jeans, but this may change depending on the weather. The worst thing you can do is overheat while in the movie theater and having to explain why you are profusely sweating. 


Movie dates can be a great first date to get to know each other since its simple and very common, making it difficult to mess up. However, to stand out, you should add additional activities to personalise the date and to stand out. Be sure to dress properly for the date and get quality food to ensure the best date experience. These things can be bettered if you do some preliminary research before going on the date, to help you say/choose the right things. Last but not least, try and offer to pay for the date, even if they reject. Good luck and have fun on your movie dating adventures!.


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