Reasons for and Against Dating a Man from India

So you’ve found yourself interested in dating an Indian guy, but you’re worried about the cultural shifts that might prevent a fruitful relationship. Indian imen can be some of the most caring, intelligent and hard working guys out there, with exceptional careers in tech and engineering, so taking the time to learn their culture might not be a bad idea. It is not necessary for the most part to learn Hindi or Punjabi, but some cultural tips would help to avoid offending and appearing as an uncultured person. Luckily for you, this guide will help you with tips on “Dating an Indian as a Non-Indian”. 


Let’s get the negative stereotypes about dating Indians out of the way, since there are some nasty ones that aren’t necessarily true. Some of these rumours involve uncleanliness, porn addictions and lack of an emotion connection. A more traditional culture and emphasis on hard work and career success has led to a portion of Indian men to develop these negative habits (most of which are red flags in dating) .Most of these things are an over exaggeration and an overgeneralization of a marginalized ethnic group of people, and could be true for some people, but definitely not all. It is therefore, important, to judge your partner for what his actions and behaviour are, rather than to jump to conclusions based on race.


So, onto the things that you should be aware of when dating Indian guys, and some of the reasons why you should or shouldn’t date Indian men. Keep in mind that this is moreso for meeting people rather than keeping a long term relationship since these statements are blanket statements.


Reasons not to date Indian men: 


Cleanliness. We find that this is most true with mainland Indian men in their mid 30s. Sometimes, work ethic or religion takes precedence over one’s life for an extended period of time, which can result in a lack of care of their own bodies, which leads to awful stenches. This is from wearing the same clothes everyday or a lack of personal hygiene in taking showers to brushing teeth. Some cultures in India don’t even use toilet paper, rather wiping with their bare hands (some argue that this is clean, depends on how you feel about it.)


Traditional Treatment of Women. Obviously, this is much more prominent in religious, traditional families, where women are given submissive house roles in cooking and taking care of the children. This leads to some Indian men to think that money and power is enough to “buy” whatever women they want, making it very difficult for them to accept rejections from women. While some try to control your everyday life and your friend groups, some Indian men tend to ogle at other women on the side. Even if everything works out at first, they could default back to their parents and go for an arranged marriage.


Strict family values. Indian families can tend to be quite traditional, which can lead to some judgement from their family. That means that you will have to do extra work to please his Indian family so that they can support your marriage. Be prepared for them to reject you for an arranged marriage for someone with a similar cultural background. To lessen the chances of this, read our section on learning the Indian culture. 


Lack of Emotional Response. There is a stereotype that Indian men are not as emotionally connected as other men. This is sometimes a product of hard work throughout their life and a traditional background which can result in social isolation and lack of experience. Unless it becomes physical, exercise patience when dealing with him since he likely struggled with expressing his love and emotions. 


Reasons to Date Indian Men: 


Academic and Career Success. Indian Men tend to be extremely hardworking, which results in a lot of academic and career success in life. Indian Men have a heavy representation in tech, business executives and engineering while also toppin the charts in the highest salaries in America. If you are younger, an Indian man can help you solve your calculus homework, as asian people in general are strongly represented in top Universities. If you want an intelligent man who can bring in stacks while reaching the top of his career, an Indian man might be right up your ally.


Strong Family Values. Indian Men generally have a very strong sense of family and family responsibility as a result of their culture. This means that most Indian men will build deep meaningful connections to their family and prioritize your wellbeing first. Likewise, this is one of the reasons why Indian men have some of the lowest divorce rates around the world. If you don’t want to deal with painful divorces and have someone who cares about the family, an Indian man might just be right for you. 


Cultural Expression. Indian people love expressing themselves in creative ways, most of which is through dance. Thus, Indian men tend to be very talented dancers, artists and musicians, which can be great if you are interested in the same hobbies as him. People express themselves in different ways, and more often than not, an Indian guy is able to be good at one art at the very least.


Epic Gamers. A hardworking personality usually finds time off by themselves, which leads to many Indian men spending a lot of time playing video games, becoming very good at them. If you have always wanted a gamer boyfriend, there’s a good chance that an Indian guy will be good at whatever game you like. 



Overall, Indian men have many negative stereotypes, often unfairly, shoved onto them, which leads to many women ignoring them. Therefore, if you are willing to look, there are many high quality fish in the Indian pond, so to speak. Indian men excel at school, work, gaming and life in general, so what’s there not to like. Also, the final reason for wanting to date an Indian guy, the babies are so cute!!!

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