What are some good questions for speed dating?

 Article #7: What are some good questions for speed dating?


Speed dating is a modern phenomenon that revolves around quick wit and revealing questions since time is a limiting factor. So, how do you find out the most about the person 

you are speed dating in the time allotted? You want to know the most important things about the other person, but you can only figure out so much in a limited time frame. What should you ask about? Their family, friends? Or their political views and moral values? At the same time, asking questions that are too intimate/offensive can turn people off since you are coming in way too quick, which you should obviously avoid. Thus, we have compiled some of the best speeding dating questions that you can ask your partner that will give you the most value.


One of the things that you have to prepare before the date is your values in looking for a partner. This will help you decide what type of questions you should ask your partner. If you are looking for a quick hookup, flirty and physically related questions would be suitable. However, if you are looking to settle down, family and personal life might be much more of interest to you. It should be noted, however, that speed dating is far from the most reliable way to meet someone and build a connection long term. Anything can work, and we have seen countless successes with speed dating, and building a connection from there on out. 


Flirty/Sexual Questions

 These questions will help you raise the tension in the room and let your partner know that you are ready to get freaky fast. It can also help you sort out their kinks and experience in the bedroom. These types of questions might not be for everyone, though, and some people might even find them offensive, so use discretion. Also, you should be prepared to have quick witty responses in this field of knowledge, so come prepared if your partner shoots back a question/witty comment. 

 What are your kinks?

This one is straightforward, it is good to know what kinks, your partner may have, and even bond over similar kinks. This helps you understand what boundaries the other person is comfortable with doing. 

 What are your biggest turn ons?

This helps you better understand your speed dating partner, which can help increase the sexual tension in the room. Be prepared to share your biggest turn ons as well, if the question arises. 


Are you into any kinds of porn? If so, what kind?

This is a tricky one, since this may offend your partner, however, knowing where their boundaries are with porn can really help you understand what you should and should not say. In addition, it can help you bond, as it shows that you have ideas for creative new experiences, if both of you enjoy the same things. It could even result in you shooting your own porno!


 Family Questions

These types of questions are for people looking for a person with a decent background and personality, generally for a relationship that is longer term. Family can say a lot about a person, as a difficult childhood can indicate difficulty with being a parent themselves and can therefore be a massive red flag. A good tie to their family, however, can show a commitment to their loved ones and strong family connections, which could indicate spouse material.


Who are you most connected to in your family?

This question will help you discern which side of the family your partner leans more towards, which often says quite a bit about their upbringing. If they resonate with someone in their family with the same gender, they often have more confidence and will present their sexuality more strongly.  


How would your parents describe you in three words?

This question can quickly put your speed dating partner on the spot, and it is likely that they can bullshit this part. However, if they answer truthfully, you can decipher both their personality and their connections to their parents.


What was your most memorable childhood experience?

Almost everyone can remember an important event that happened during their childhood, whether that would be good or bad. If someone did not have the greatest parents/upbringing, they might struggle to answer this question since they will be thinking about negative events which they are trying to hide.


Personal Life/ Hobbies


What are your three most favorite activities/hobbies?

It is always good to know what hobbies someone is into, and this question is a direct way of figuring it out. If both of you share a similar hobby, tell them! – bonding over similar hobbies is a very effective tactic when trying to get to know someone. 


How much do you sleep every night?

A lot of people joke about lack of sleep, but the amount of sleep that someone gets every night can really tell you a lot about someone. Specifically, if someone gets >8 hours of sleep, you can assume that they are trying to take care of their body, or have a lot of time on their hands. Comparatively, lack of sleep can indicate a busy person.


What are your biggest pet peeves?

This question is a direct way of finding out what your speed dating partner’s pet peeves are, so that you don’t end up annoying them in the future. It can also be good to weed out people with pet peeves that you disagree with.




What do you value most in life?

Finding out someone’s moral values can help you bond, and can also weed out people who you find to have contrasting morals. 


Where do you lean politically?

This is a tough question to ask, since many people pull away when asked about political views, since it tends to divide people. Thus, only ask this when the topic of politics is already brought up, and they seem comfortable with it.


What is something that is an immediate red flag in a partner?


This is another way to ask your speed dating partner about their morals, but specifically about where they draw the line of being unacceptable. Again, this a chance to weed out bad matches, and also bond if you share similar red flags/values.

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